How can I find the right trip?

Enter the desired departure city in the search bar, the system will automatically indicate the available departure dates and locations.

If you do not find your city, we probably do not have departures. Do not worry, check in a few days; Skiday is always updated!

How can I make a purchase?

Tickets can be purchased:

- on this website using PayPal or credit/debit card of all major banking circuits.

- By purchasing a Skiday card at Decathlon Torino Centro store (Via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange, 42, 10123 Torino)

- Cash at Decathlon Torino Centro store (Via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange, 42, 10123 Torino)

How can I purchase a service with a Skiday card?

If you have purchased a Skiday card, you can use it to purchase all available services.

After registering and logging on, go to your profile and click on "Wallet" from the menu on the left. Click on "Use your Skiday card" and enter the identification code on the back of your card. The system will automatically update your virtual wallet and you can proceed with the purchase of the desired service.

On your profile you will find all the transactions made and the credit available.

I received a discount coupon or I have an agreement. Where will the discount be applied?

Discount vouchers and conventions can only be used for trips organized by Skiday.

You can enter your code on the payment page, before entering your credit card or PayPal account details.

I bought a service on Skiday. What should I do?

You simply have to wait for the confirmation email with all the details of your trip or the service purchased. Take the voucher that we sent you by mail, together with a valid identity document, at the departure point.

Do I need to print the ticket?

No, it is not mandatory to print the ticket.

Just show the ticket sent by Skiday to the accompanying person in digital format.

I can not find the confirmation email anymore, do I have to reacquire the service again?

Absolutely not! Go to your profile and select from the menu on the left the type of service purchased (trips, skipass, sciclub membership, experiences); here you can find all the services purchased with the related details. You can easily download the pdf with your travel documents as many times as you want.

I purchased a trip organized by a partner ski club. Do I have to subscribe to the club?

Some partners want membership, others do not. In the description of the trip you will find the policy of each ski club.

I have / I want to join a ski club. How can I do?

You can access our "partners" section and select the sciclub of interest. You can proceed with the online payment of the membership and fill in all the data relating to your subscription the day of departure, the manager will take care to get you to fill out the form.

Warning! If you purchase a tour of a ski club that provides for membership, this is mandatory; if you do not want to subscribe online you will be asked to pay cash the day of the trip.

I bought a skipass. Where do I pick it up?

If you have purchased a trip including a ski pass, our representative will take care of delivering the ski pass once on the slopes.

If you have purchased the skipass individually, you will have to go to the meeting point indicated on the voucher that we delivered to you via email; you will find one of our representatives who will give you the skipass. Bring the voucher and a valid ID with you.

I bought a trip. What does the service include?

The service includes round trip transport by GT bus and Skipass.

Some trips provide additional services. In the description of each trip you will find all the details in the entry "What is included"; if the service indicates "included", it is included in the price, if instead it is marked as "optional" you will have to buy it separately at an additional cost.

If you have chosen the "transport only" option, the service does not include ski pass and insurance but only roundtrip transport.

Can I bring my ski equipment?

Sure! A pair of skis or a board, boots and a bag for gear / food / miscellaneous.

Until when is it possible to reserve a seat on a trip?

Skiday trips can be purchased up to 24 hours before departure.

For partner tours, find details in the description of each trip.

Is the ski insurance included in the price?

No. Ski insurance is not included in the ticket price but can be purchased online. It will be provided to anyone requesting it in combination with the skipass.

Who provide the service?

On our website you will find many departures organized by our partners (Ski Clubs, associations, travel agencies, tour operators); for each trip you will find a link to the related partner's page.

All our partners are carefully selected professionals, with regular permits for trips.

The service is offered and organized by Buustle srl with registered office in Via Lamarmora 16, Turin and operational headquarters in Via Valprato 68, Turin.

What kind of buses are used?

Coaches used for our trips belong to rental companies and they have all the regular requirements of insurance, permits and security required by law. The companies entrusted to the service are responsible for their means of transport. 

I am a minor. Can I travel with you?

Buustle S.r.l. declines any responsibility in the case of minors, according to the following procedures:

Minor Passengers under age 16 on the date of the event:

They MUST be accompanied by an adult who assumes full responsibility.

In the event that the adult is not a Parent / Guardian, it is necessary to fill out the Minor Authorization Form.

I'm late, do you wait for me?

Unfortunately we have to be very strict with the schedules, respecting all the participants. We always advise you to arrive at least 10 minutes in advance in order to be sure to leave and avoid mishaps.

Any waiting is provided nor refunds in case of delay, we are sorry.

How do refunds work?

In the event of cancellation of the trip due to problems related to the weather (totally closed ski resorts) or the achievement of the minimum number of participants, paying customers will receive a re-credit on their digital wallet, equal to 100% of the price paid. This credit can be reused to purchase trips or services on Alternatively, is possible to have a refund upon written request (a transaction fee will be withhold).

If the travel cancellation is due to customer's will once booked, Buustle s.r.l. returns:

- the total amount of the payment made with a deduction of Euro 10 (ten) to the participant, as management fee, if the waiver occurs within 30 days from the date of departure;

- 50% of the payment made if the cancellation is made between 30 and 7 days before the departure date.

- No refund will be made from the seventh day before departure.

Bad weather is expected. Will the trip take place anyway?

We always try to guarantee the service, despite the adverse weather conditions. Therefore the trips will not take place only in case of totally closed ski resorts. If possible, the destination of the trip will be changed, with possible adjustments on the cost of the ticket. The Skiday team will notify you any changes as soon as possible.

If the trip will be regularly carried out, there will be no refunds.

How can I recover my password?

Click here and write the email adress used to register. A recovery password link will be sent to your inbox, follow the instructions and you can continue your experience on Skiday!

I don't want to ski, but I would like to go to the mountains as well. Can I join your trips?

It will be a pleasure to have you with us. Check the "transport only" option in the search bar and, if permitted, you will see the discounted price for the bus rountrip only. So you can take advantage of transport at a discounted price without paying the skipass that you would otherwise not use.

I want to organize a mountain trip for my friends and I, can I ask Skiday for a hand?

Of course! If you do not want to share the trip and organize one for you and your group of friends, no problem; the Skiday team is at your disposal for any need and to support you in the organization. You will always benefit from our discounted prices. Contact us now for a personalized quote.

I represent a school, an association, a gym, a company (...) and I want to organize a mountain outing for my students / members / employees; can I ask Skiday for a hand?

Of course! There are many realities like yours that come to Skiday for school trips, team building, incentives and group travels in general. The Skiday team is at your disposal for any need and to support you in the organization, you can always benefit from our discounted prices. Contact us now for a personalized quotation. 

Privacy and additional information

Buustle S.r.l. disclaims any liability resulting from traffic, mechanical failures to the bus or any impediments that may occur during the journey. Buustle S.r.l. reserves the right to accept or not passengers on board and to remove and / or report to the competent authorities any unlawful or dangerous behavior. At the end of the event, the coach will wait for passengers up to 40 minutes in the specifically agreed place. It is necessary to travel with a valid identity document.

All personal data collected by Buustle S.r.l. will be treated in the manner permitted by law, in full compliance with Legislative Decree n. 196/2003. With regard to personal data collected, the Customer has the right to exercise all the rights provided for by art. 13 of Legislative Decree n. 196 of 2003, referring to Buustle S.r.l. which will provide for this.

I haven't received my purchase confirmation email. What should I do?

Are you sure you typed your email address correctly? If yes, check the "spam" folder.

If the problem does not resolve, contact us.

Trips are always confirmed?

No. Skiday's trips are confirmed with minimum 35 partecipants. 

Sometimes our trips don't require a minimum number of participants, but in those cases you will find a specific mention in "Travel Requirements" section.