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Sunday 25 November 2018 - Wednesday 21 November 2018

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Are you a skier who knows no limits?

Have you always dreamed of skiing in a pristine glacier away from everything and everyone?

Can't wait to explore the peaks of Via Lattea?

Skiday offers you the opportunity to ski in fresh snow with a helicopter ride!

Live your experience in maximum safety:

The weather and snow conditions are analyzed very carefully each morning before starting an excursion and several times throughout the day so as to adapt the programs and descents accordingly and ski in the safest areas.

All participants are equipped with safety equipment such as arva and abs backpack complete with shovel and probe. The operation and use of these equipment is  explained promptly during a briefing with questions and answers that precedes each excursion, so that each skier is fully aware of the risks and safety procedures related to helicopter flight in the high mountains.

You will be accompanied on board a modern helicopter with 3 other people and a guide.

We employ the best and most experienced specialist instructors, alpine guides and helicopter pilots. These are always in permanent radio contact with each other and with the local mountain rescue services.

Package Includes:

- 1 run, group of minimum 4 people

- Mountain guide or specialized teacher

- ABS backpack, shovel and probe

- ARVA (electronic device that transmits radio signals, used to search for people hit by an avalanche)

A descent is not enough for you? Contact us to find out the prices for additional runs.

What's included

  • Lunch (optional)

    You can also include a tasty meal to your reservation. Many options available

  • Equip Rental (optional)

    Discover our online rental service. Skis, snowboards and everything you may need for your day on the snow!

  • Skipass - Optional

    Skipass at discounted prices Sciclub at the discretion of the customer

  • Alpine Guide

    We make highly qualified professionals available, experts who deeply know the territory. They love their mountains and wish to share their beauty and secrets with you.

  • Security kit

    Stay safe on the ski slopes! ABS backpack, shovel, probe and ARVA

Heliski - Sestriere

An unforgettable experience

240 €