The ski resort of Sestrière (whose municipality has even a thousand inhabitants) was founded in the '30s by Agnelli and today is certainly the most famous ski resort in Piedmont, as well as being, with its 2,035 meters, the highest municipality Italy.


Distance from Turin: 102 km


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Sestriere - The ski resort

The small town of Sestriere, located between Val Chisone and Val di Susa, in the province of Turin - the true fulcrum of the Vialattea, is the highest municipality in Italy at over 2000 m. With Salice d'Ulzio, Sansicario, Cesana, Claviere and Montgenèvre it forms the Vialattea: a district of over 70 facilities for more than 400 km all to ski: a true paradise for lovers of winter sports.

Cuoristà: in the 30s Giovanni and Edoardo Agnelli bought the land to build, what is now the modern ski resort, only 40 cents of Lire per square meter. At the time Sestriere was just a dream: to create a holiday center for FIAT workers in Turin.

Chicca: in Italy there are few places where you can ski at night, Sestriere, with its Olympic track is among these!

Do not miss: the descents from Motta, up to Borgata on the Banchetta, as well as off-piste to the Val Troncea, the challenging Kandahar slalom that is renowned above all among snowboarders for its swirling changes of slope, the technicissima Sises and the countless paths that wind along the side of the slopes.

Its extraordinary snowmaking system means that its slopes are always at the top, not surprisingly Sestriere is world famous for its World Cup races and was one of the main stages of the 2006 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Turin.

So what are you waiting for to experience the thrill of skiing on the summit of Italy?