Limone Piemonte

In the province of Cuneo there is this town that due to its particular position is considered one of the snowiest ski resorts in Italy. As well as being a ski resort, Limone is also famous for its thermal baths. What's better after a few hours of skiing to be pampered with thermal water, saunas and massages?

Distance from Turin: 123 km

Distanza da Milano: 275 km

Limone Piemonte is the most important ski resort of the lower Piedmont and the Cuneo area. Considered by many as the pearl of the Maritime Alps, Limone Piemonte has 80 km of slopes.

Curiosity: the name Limone Piemonte has no connection with the fruit of the lemon, even if it appears in the emblem of the municipality. In reality it derives from the Celtic limo or elm, a very common plant in this area.

For the little ones: there are 2 beautiful playgrounds in the snow, the Kinder Park 1400 and the Village Gogolandia.