Claviere - Via Lattea

Beginning / End of Winter Season: 07/12/2018 - 07/042019

Claviere is located in the upper Val di Susa, in the province of Turin, on the Italian side of Montgenèvre and is a part of the maxi-district of the Vialatteaper a total of over 300 km of well groomed pistes. In fact, from Claviere you can reach the Cesana, Monti della Luna and Monginevro plants for a unique experience of sport and nature, among woods and majestic peaks.

Distance from Turin: 98 km

Distance from Milan: 235 km

Curiosity: Claviere came to be part of the Italian territory, and consequently Piedmontese, in 1715. I The country lived directly the vicissitudes of the various wars that were fought around the pass of Montgenèvre, but when the political-social situation settled , became a popular destination for nature and mountain lovers who recognized it for its incredible beauty.

Do not miss: if you are a good snowboarder or skiier, do not miss the slopes of the Serra Granet-La Coche, the red Gimont slope, the walls of Sagnalonga, the Col Saurel slopes and the Col Boeuf black slope.

Chicca: and if you want to give your day a special international touch and you want to reach the French side of Montgenèvre take the difficult and scenic track of the Green Collar on your return home and enjoy strong emotions!